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60 Years of Global Excellence in Cleaning Innovation

For six decades, Unger has strived for excellence, driving innovation and setting new standards in the cleaning industry. Unger's commitment to delivering quality tools to make the cleaning process better, safer and faster, and the support from dedicated cleaning professionals has been a driving force to Unger's success. Join us in celebrating this milestone all 2024!

Officially Available!

Unger's Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Kit has landed and is available now in limited quantities! Visit the below in-stock distributors to order your kit today and celebrate 60 Years of Global Excellence with Unger!


Leading the way for 60 years. 

Take a nostalgic journey with us as we reflect on Unger's innovative products that have helped our customers meet their toughest challenges.

Timeline 1964 to 1973
Timeline 1985 to 2001
Timeline 2006 to 2012
Timeline 2014 to 2018
Timeline 2020 to 2023
Timeline 2024 to future

"In some respects, Unger hasn't changed at all. They are still of the same mindset of creating tools to solve the industries most difficult problems, but do it in a very safe, very efficient, very effective manner" - Bob P., USA

Unger Fact! 

Did you know the Unger logo has evolved over the years? Our logo is characterized by the shape of a stylized window squeegee. Take a look at the development of our logo over the years!

Unger's Logo history timeline